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  • How long have you been in business?

    DeSantis Entertainment opened its doors in 1983 and since then has provided music and event planning services to thousands of clients from various regions of the United States including Maryland, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia, Virginia, Florida, and California.

  • Many other DJ entertainment companies I have reviewed have featured listings on various wedding web sites and your company does not. Please explain.

    DeSantis Entertainment strives to give its clients exceptional quality of service at a reasonable price point that is agreeable to both parties. It costs thousands of dollars per year for expensive DJ companies to advertise. So, they charge inflated prices to pay for their advertising. Since I do not over-advertise due to the many happy word-of-mouth Brides and Grooms, I do not have pay for high-end advertising and therefore I pass the savings on to you. This is how I keep my rates lower.

  • What kind of references do you have?

    As mentioned, DeSantis Entertainment receives much of our business through word-of-mouth advertising. However, we keep a listing at WeddingWire.com under the name DeSantis DJ and Karaoke. Listed there are several brides’ comments on my performance and professionalism at their events. To date, I have hosted well over 1000 weddings, several hundred Wedding Ceremonies and hundreds of other private parties and Corporate Events.
    I average about 30 to 40 weddings a year, some years more, some years, less. Most of my events are by referral or contracting out as a subcontractor to larger entertainment companies. Either way I am constantly busy at my craft. Through the years I also have received dozens of thank you notes from clients who were incredibly happy with my services. On my web site go to DeSantis Entertainment Review Page to read them. Finally, DeSantis Entertainment belongs to the Baltimore Area Disc Jockey Association BADJA.org, an organization developed in the 1990s to raise the professional bar of DJ entertainers in the Baltimore area. Our members are well vetted for DJ experience, presentation, musical knowledge, customer feedback and interaction capabilities before admittance to our association. In addition to our monthly training meetings we also help our fellow members if they should ever get seriously ill or have a family emergency and need to get a fill in for their contracted event. (click anywhere is this paragraph to visit us at Weddingwire.com)

  • What kind of equipment do you carry? Do you bring backup equipment?

    DeSantis Entertainment only uses state of the art professional DJ equipment, absolutely no home equipment. The brands I use are QSC, Electro-Voice, Shure, and Denon. I always bring a backup controller, extra speaker, two laptops and three external hard drives plus additional microphones and patch cords.

  • Do you carry Liability Insurance?

    DeSantis Entertainment carries Two Million Dollars in insurance for your protection. Many venues these days require outside vendors to carry insurance to work at any venue. Always make sure that the vendors you wish to hire have Liability insurance. This protects you in the rare situation a guest sues because they tripped over a wire or speaker stand or a speaker is knocked over and hits somebody.

  • What kind of music do you have?

    DeSantis Entertainment carries to every event over 100,000 songs, a wide range of audio and video music guaranteed to please almost anybody. I carry current Top 40, Hip/Hop/Rap, EDM, House, Pop Dance, Modern and Classic Rock, Standards, Oldies, Big Band, Polkas, Reggae, Moombahton, Trap, Dub, Latin, Greek, Folk, Motown, R&B and the list goes on! I have paid subscriptions to various record pools for audio and music videos which supply me with the latest music with outstanding quality.

  • Will you play requests at my event?

    DeSantis Entertainment is always happy to honor requests of the guests unless you tell me in advance not to take requests. Also, I will not honor a request if the song requested is outside of your musical tastes or if the song has inappropriate lyrics. DeSantis Entertainment always advises clients to spend the time to put together a good solid list of songs you want to hear for cocktail, dinner, and dancing. Doing this will enhance your special day and give it more meaning to you.

  • What do you wear to events?

    DeSantis Entertainment will dress for success at your request; from a formal tuxedo, coat & tie, business casual or other event-matching attire.

  • Do you hang any signs or banners?

    DeSantis Entertainment does not place any tacky advertising at your event.

  • Do you have a contract and any other forms I might need?

    DeSantis Entertainment works by signed contract and a deposit. The balance is due on the day of your event. If you are planning a wedding, I have a wedding planning questionnaire which is several pages long that will give you insight and guidance on how you want your special day to flow.

  • What services do your offer besides DJ?

    DeSantis Entertainment offers Karaoke and music videos parties. I bring a 50-inch screen and play music videos. Note: Music Video parties are subject to video availability and content. I also offer up lighting to enhance the mood of your venue and a dance floor wash guaranteed to make your dance floor pop! In addition, I can supply a powerful subwoofer for your event if more than 200 people are attending.

  • Will you offer me help and or guidance to help plan my day?

    DeSantis Entertainment would be delighted to sit down with you and help plan your event. From the day you hire me until the conclusion of your event I am always available to you! My service always includes a face-to-face meeting, unlimited emails, and phone calls until your special day has ended.

  • What is your DJ style?

    Always professional, leaning towards reserved, but always fun. I strive to match my presentation with your personality. If you wish to have a low key, laid back event or party till you drop affair, I can adjust accordingly. I do not announce each song I am playing like a radio DJ nor do I try to do standup comedy or rip grandma out of her chair to get into a conga line. I make only the necessary announcements that you would like me to relay to your guests. This is YOUR event so the spotlight is always on you and about you.

  • Do you offer Karaoke?

    DeSantis Entertainment has a professional karaoke unit with four wireless mics, a TV monitor, and thousands of karaoke songs to choose from. Karaoke is a crowd pleaser at Corporate events, Sweet Sixteen, Bull Roasts, Retirement Parties, Pubs and Taverns, Weddings, and other social gatherings. Please visit my sister web site: BaltimoreKaraoke.net for more information. (click anywhere is this paragraph to visit us at: BaltimoreKaraoke.net)

  • Does your company perform Wedding Ceremonies?

    DeSantis entertainment has performed at hundreds of Ceremonies over the years. In addition to offering you guidance on the timing and music for your ceremony I coordinate with your day of wedding planner to ensure the right songs are cued up and played for the entrance of Mothers, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen and for the bride. Also, I start to play one half hour before the ceremony starts for your guests as they are arriving. It really adds an incredibly special extra touch! Most DJs only set up one speaker, but I always set up two. I also bring wireless microphones and Lapel Microphones if you choose to have your voices amplified. Usually one lapel Mic for the Officiant is enough to capture the Bride and Groom as they are exchanging vows. A separate hand-held wireless mic can be provided for readers as well. There is never an additional charge if you want your voices amplified. (click anywhere is this paragraph to visit us at: desantisentertainment.com/ceremonies)

  • What happens if it is raining or looking like rain before my outside ceremony do you set up your equipment anyway?

    DeSantis Entertainment encountered that situation many times in 2018. In fact, it was one of the worst years for outdoor ceremonies being cancelled due to rain that I can remember. I really felt bad for the Brides and Grooms who had to go indoors for their wedding ceremony. I also felt bad for the catering staff that had to keep moving chairs inside and outside depending on how the weather looked from minute to minute. Unfortunately, as I am a one-man operation, I cannot be moving DJ equipment inside and outside constantly as the weather changes. If I get caught in the rain with equipment it could be destroyed plus the additional hazard of possible electric shock. Usually, a work around would be to provide a small 10×10 tent placed near the electric outlet where the DJ could set up under and where the photographer could store their equipment. So, if it starts to rain, your vendors equipment is protected, and the Bride and Groom could use the tent to seek shelter.

  • Is it appropriate to tip the DJ?

    DeSantis Entertainment never expects a tip. However, a tip is always appreciated!

  • How much time and effort goes into your DJ planning for my event?

    DeSantis Entertainment puts many hours into each client’s event. It starts here at the office where I spend anywhere from 3-6 hours to organize your music, review all paperwork, consult with you via email or phone to go over details and make corrections or updates. On the day of your event I must load up all the equipment needed, drive to the event, unload, set up the equipment, stand for 6-8 hours, perform my role as emcee, coordinate with the Caterer and other vendors, manage activities and formalities during your event and manage the flow and energy of the party. In addition, I must musically perform for your crowd to get them up and dancing and showing them a good time. When the party is over, I must break down and load the equipment back in the van and then drive home and then unload the van. So, I do not just show up out of thin air and press buttons!

  • Do you have available a DVD or online professionally created video of your work?

    DeSantis Entertainment does not provide a DVD or spend lots of money on a professionally produced snippet with a couple of party highlights, fancy fades, transitions, and effects. I have raw footage of various event shots with a camera on my You tube channel which can be viewed at my link below which captures the true essence of the events and the fun the guests were having. (click anywhere is this paragraph to visit us at: YouTube.com)

  • Where is the best place in the reception venue to set up the DJ?

    DeSantis Entertainment always recommends setting up next to the dance floor because it helps concentrate the sound of the music to one area and its easier for the DJ to “control” the room. I also recommend not to place folks who may be sensitive to loud noises at tables near the DJ table, as the DJ speakers might be close to them. I would also stress that when the DJ is squeezed into a small corner with little room to spread the speakers out the quality of the sound is going to suffer. Placing the DJ in a loft is probably the worst place for him/her if it is a wedding because the DJ will probably have to interact with the guests and B&G to carry out certain tasks and the DJ will be hindered in his/her performance of their duties if they have to keep running up and down the stairs from the loft. One final point on DJ tables. They should be a standard 6 or 8-foot-long banquet table thirty inches wide and covered with at least a clean linen and perhaps skirted.

  • Do you take breaks?

    DeSantis Entertainment keeps the music flowing nonstop from the beginning of your event until the conclusion of your event. Our services also include Face-to Face meeting, unlimited emails, phone and text consultation, pre-event consultation to review final wedding planner, all set-up, break down and travel time in the (Baltimore Metro Area) dinner music throughout your event, no breaks, all Emcee and hosting duties, coordination with caterer, photographer, and videographer to make sure we are all on the same page as you. Also included is a wireless microphone for your use. We bring back up equipment to every event and all our equipment is professional grade and high powered.

  • How much does DeSantis Entertainment charge?

    That is usually the first question we get asked which is understandable because most people have never hired a DJ or Karaoke entertainer before, and they do not know what questions to ask first except what do you charge? Although it is an important question, it is not the most important thing to consider first. Although DeSantis Entertainment communicates via the web, email, and texting to answer questions, it is always wise in our opinion for folks who are trying to hire a DJ to always call the DJ to get a “feel” during the conversation to determine if the DJ is listening to you and your vision for your special day and offering suggestions and ideas or just trying to sell you and get a contract signed quickly. Throughout the 30 plus years I have been in the Entertainment business I have spoken with thousands of people, and even if some told me I was over their budget I still was happy to give them ideas and guidance.

    Some questions to ask the DJ/Karaoke entertainer would be:
    • Do you have experience in the type of event of that I am seeking coverage for?
    • How many years have you been in your business?
    • Do you use professional DJ equipment or home stereo type equipment?
    • Do you carry Liability Insurance?
    • Are you up to date with music, do you take requests, are you flexible with our schedule?
    • Do you bring back up equipment in case of failure of main system?
    • Do you have an agreement/contact?
    • Do you have wedding planner forms to help guide me?
    • Do you take breaks at my event?
    • Will you coordinate with other vendors on day of or before, for my special celebration?
    • Do you stream music at my event from YouTube? (Absolutely Not)
    • Is your DJ/Karaoke set up at my event clean looking and uncluttered? Do you use a façade?
    • Do you have a wireless microphone for blessings, speeches, and toasts?
    • Do you DJ Wedding Ceremonies?
    • Will you have wireless microphones for the officiant and readers?
    • How many DJ speakers do you set up for the Wedding Ceremony, one or two? • Can I give you a playlist for Wedding Ceremony music?
    • Can I give you a playlist for cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing?
    • Will the DJ lineup and announce in the Bridal party, make sure all our special moments such as first dance, toasts, anniversary dance, etc. are orchestrated in a timely and professional manner?
    • Will the DJ play the right music for our us and our guests?
    • Will the DJ make our celebration carefree and fun?
    • So, how much do you charge?

    As you can see, there are lots of questions to ask before pricing comes up. Fees will depend on type of event. Weddings are much more involved than other types of events, so they command a higher fee. Weddings almost always include meeting with clients, going over several pages of wedding planning forms, assembling the music list(s) contacting other involved vendors, as well as further phone and email consultations with the Bride and Groom to be. Simple celebrations such as a High School Reunion, Retirement Party, Sweet 16, Bull Roasts, Birthday Parties and the like are charged at a lower rate because most of the time they are much less complicated and time consuming in the planning and execution. So, what are my fees? A simple celebration (other than weddings) starts at a very reasonable price point of $450.00 for three hours. Wedding celebrations start at a low of $795.00 for four hours.
    Please click here to to view my prices and event packages for more details.

    I hope this FAQ page has helped you gather some ideas on how to develop some good questions when speaking with your DJ. Do not hesitate to contact my office if you need any further information!

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