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Class reunions provide an incredibly positive way for graduates to meet up again through the years and form new friendships.  This is a time to reminiscence about all the great times they had in school.  Whether it is your very first get-together at your five-year class reunion or your twentieth-class reunion, we will play the music of your generation and at the appropriate sound level so your classmates can converse and catch up without being drowned out by the music.  We usually start with background music from your high school or college years during cocktail and dinner and from there move into more of the danceable music of your school days as well as mixing in current dance music.  Of course, we will work closely with your planning committee to ensure our music and MC style fits with your group.

Over the years, we have provided disc jockey and karaoke entertainment to dozens of class reunions throughout Baltimore, Annapolis, Westminster, Towson, Bel-Air, Frederick, York and Harrisburg PA, Delaware, Washington D.C., and Northern Virginia areas.  We provide musical event entertainment for High School, College, Fraternity, Sorority and Military reunions.  A few of our Reunions have included: Patterson and Westminster High, Calvert High, Upsilon Lambda Phi Fraternity, and the United States Naval Academy 25th Reunion gala.

Planning a reunion is a complex, time consuming task.  Below is some helpful tips, ideas and suggestions for planning and delivering a fabulous class reunion.

DeSantis wedding DJ music entertainment for Baltimore,
DeSantis wedding DJ music entertainment for Baltimore,
DeSantis wedding DJ music entertainment for Baltimore, Maryland, Annapolis, Washington DC, Delaware, York, Lancaster, PA, Delmarva.

Form a reunion committee (This is usually started by the senior class president and officers, but it does not have to be) Reconnect with them and assign them roles based on their strengths and interests.

The Chairperson- The one making sure everybody else in on the same page.

The Treasurer-The person who likes to keep an eye on expenses.

The Promoter-The Person who will get the word out.

The Producer-The “make it happen” person.

Make sure to list your organizing committee members on your newly created event page.

Establish the committee’s responsibilities.

Create a budget.

Locate your classmates. Facebook and LinkedIn are two good sources.

Finalize a date. Use an online survey tool-like Survey Monkey, Google Forms, or Doodle-to ask which dates work best for your class.

Book the venue.

Book the musical entertainment-DeSantis Entertainment.  Call 410.828.9168 for information and bookings.

Online ticketing platforms such as Eventbrite are a great way to collect RSVPs, create a webpage for your class reunion, and manage your ticket sales.

Popular times for high school reunions are September and October because of homecoming and football games, and around Thanksgiving or Christmas, when classmates are already home for the holidays.

And of course, send out the invitations.


Decorating for your reunion could be very time consuming and costly. People are at the reunion to see each other, not look at fancy decorations.  Have yearbook pictures blowen up and mount them on cardboard and place them around the room.

Take pictures from your yearbook, photocopy them, put them in laminate and use them for placemats.

Decorate the room like your Senior Prom but scale it way down.

Decorate the tables with items from the past.  If it is your 25th reunion have books, magazines, records, what ever it is, guests will be talking about the good old days.

To enhance the reunion celebration, get guests to request songs that could be dedicated to them.

Look up the teachers, find out what they are doing.  Have classmates guess what they are doing now. How many years did they teach? How old are they now?

Think about printing some personal business cards containing your contact information, to hand out to people you wish to stay in touch with.  (Remember not everyone uses social media.)

Connect with a few old buddies beforehand.  That way you know you will have someone to talk to at the event.

If it has been years since you have seen someone, be considerate and introduce yourself by name when saying hello.

Do not discuss Religion or Politics.

Be generous with compliments.  People will love to hear how you always thought they were super nice or how you never forgot that impressive win on the school sport team.

Be a good listener.  You will be viewed as a great conversationalist, and you will get to learn more about your old schoolmates in the process.

Remember to thank the organizers for all their hard work putting your reunion together.


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