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Listed here are our most popular crowd interactive, music entertainment solutions to help make your timeless occasion sparkle.
Beginning with DJ interactive enhancements… we offer this partial list of ideas for your guests:

  • THE KISSING BOOK: During dinner DJ Joe picks names from the guest book and those couples have to kiss for the Bride & Groom.  The B&G can add fun to this by trying to kiss the same way the picked couples kissed.
  • MICROPHONE MEMORIES: During dinner DJ Joe walks around the banquet tables with a wireless microphone to give to guests who wish to tell a story about the B&G and after the story the B&G kiss.
  • TABLES OF LOVE: Guests stand at their table and sing part of a song with the word love in it.  After that, the B&G kiss.
  • NEW YORK NEW YORK PHOTO SHOOT: Guests are all invited up to the dance floor to the song “New York New York” and are photographed and/or captured on video as a group while they sing, sway, and wave their arms to the music. If you decide on this enhancement remind your photographer to bring a small stepladder.
  • HOW WE MET QUESTIONNAIRE: This is a form that the couple fill out and it asks questions such as: How did you first meet, when and where. Was it love at first sight?  Besides today, what has been your most heartfelt moment since your engagement. The form asks several other questions for the couple to complete.  The questionnaire is usually read aloud by DJ Joe during dinner, although a guest or family member is welcomed to read it.  Of course, all of the above enhancements are completely optional.
  • SHOE GAME: This is an extremely popular interactive enhancement which is better explained by watching this YouTube Video of a married couple at their wedding reception. Click here to watch the Shoe Game video

Once again this is just a partial list of ideas, I have many more and you are welcome to choose up to three.  Of course, there is no charge for this, and you are welcome to think up your own guest interactive enhancement and I would be delighted to MC it for you.

The following are our current packages.  Quoted prices here are for weddings only and will be less for other types of celebrations such as DJ Class Reunions, DJ Birthdays, DJ Anniversaries, DJ Corporate functions, DJ Sweet Sixteen, DJ Military Galas, DJ Military reunions, DJ Fundraisers, DJ Retirement parties, and other DJ music entertainment events.

PACKAGE A: “Party Till You Drop”

This is the mother of all entertainment packages and is truly designed for the adventurous couple who wish to create lasting moments.

You get all of the following:

  • In-person consultation and unlimited phone and email contact.
  • Access to our online music and planning tools.
  • Up to five hours of performance time.
  • Ceremony system including a two-speaker set up, two wireless microphones for Officiant and reader(s), customized music play list for guest seating, and for all of your special wedding ceremony music.
  • Music service for your cocktail hour, including a customized playlist.
  • Clean and uncluttered presentation of professional DJ equipment at your reception.
  • Non-stop music through dinner and reception.  (You may create a playlist for dinner)
  • Wireless handheld microphone for welcoming’s, blessings, toasts, and speeches.
  • DJ Joe will make all announcements, handle bridal party introductions, and serve as your master of ceremonies and, when required will act in the capacity of an event coordinator.
  • Coordinate with your caterer, wedding planner, venue representative, officiant, and photographer.
  • Music Videos show presented on a 50-inch screen featuring thousands all of your favorite artists and songs.  Videos are subject to availability and content may not be suitable for all age groups. You are welcome to create your own playlist.
  • Karaoke featuring four wireless mics, music books, request sheets and tens of thousands of songs.
  • Six slim par 64 uplights.  
  • Dance floor wash.  Designed to light up your dance floor.
  • All set-up and break-down costs, all mileage/travel/parking included for venues in Maryland, Southern Pennsylvania, Delaware, DC, and Northern Virginia are included.
Your total investment: (Contact us for pricing)


Our Most Popular Package!

Our clients constantly praise the ease and thoroughness of selecting this combination of services.  It includes coverage for your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and wedding reception... 

Listed below are your benefits:

  • Up to five hours of DJ performance time.
  • In person consultation and/or unlimited phone and email communication.
  • Access to DeSantis Entertainment online portal for planning and music selection.
  • Ceremony coverage including seating music for guests. Two wireless microphones for the officiant and reader(s) coupled with professional sound equipment for your special musical selections ensure an unforgettable ceremony.
  • Battery power packs for outside ceremonies where no electric outlets are available.  With battery power no worries about noise and fumes.
  • Music services for your cocktail hour, including a customized play list if you desire one.
  • Audio and Video library of over 100,000 selections.
  • Non-stop music from the beginning of your reception to the conclusion of your reception.
  • Handheld wireless microphone for toasts, blessings, and speeches.
  • State of the art digital DJ system with QSC powered 2000 watts each loudspeaker designed to entertain up to 250 guests will be your primary sound system.
  • DJ Joe will perform all emcee services.  DJ Joe will be properly dressed in either a coat and tie or Tuxedo unless otherwise instructed by the client.
  • Customized play and do not play music list.
  • Coordinate with all of your vendors for a seamless event.
  • All equipment set up and breakdown time and travel costs are included.

Your total investment: (Contact us for pricing)


Although our basic package, it still provides quality service with an unwavering commitment to exceed client’s expectations at a price point that is always pleasantly affordable.

Here are the highlights:

  • Unlimited phone and email communication.
  • Access to DeSantis Entertainment website planning portal, 24/7.
  • Up to four hours of performance time.
  • Professional DJ system with wireless microphone for toasts, speeches, and announcements.
  • Customized musical do/do not play list.
  • Continuous music throughout the event.
  • DJ Joe will handle all emcee duties.
  • All set up and breakdown of equipment is included.
Your total investment: (Contact us for pricing)

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